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The engineering study is to provide the necessary technical information so that the feasibility evaluation of its implementation can be carried out.

At EDCSUPPLY, we focus on technical assistance to complete solutions based on a conceptual engineering or basic engineering phase, which allows us to dimension the multidisciplinary design to generate an application under the client's requirement strictly adhering to national and international standards and best engineering practices.

Our engineering solutions are presented as Power Quality Special Projects based on the specifications and technical characteristics of the equipment that we represent as products in an exclusive way. Our reach in projects covers from the engineering design to the installation or construction of the infrastructure associated with our products, as is the case of EPC Projects (Engineering / Procurement / Construction), which we develop as part of our scope of products in Project Management.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Fire Protection Systems

Conventional and Non-Conventional Lightning Protection Systems

Grounding Systems

Power Support Systems AC-DC

Isolated Power Systems for Medical Center Applications

Power Quality Studies

Electrical Systems Studies with Software